Elemental Micah
Elemental Micah - Vol. 1
Just Exhale

Collects the first four short stories from the Elemental Micah Series. Available for £9.99 in shops at Orbital Comics and Mega City Comics or online! published via Orang Utan Comics!
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Huff & Puff

A Whirlwind Romance
Thirty Days Up A Tree
Sampson and Agent Goliath
  • Micah
  • Dana
  • Simon
  • Teresa
  • Aunt Sal
Micah Sampson
Micah left school as soon as he possibly could to startwork, but has recently quit working at Dauf Supermarket. Of all thetimes to develop them, he discovers he has superpowers the night he loses his virginity. Now he has to discovers whether he's a hero, a villain or the half arsed bit in-between.

Issues 1,2,3,4,5
Dana Osbourne
Dana is a rather gifted actor and desperately wants to work with children as a school teacher. Unfortunately, she has enough problems what with an over bearing boyfriend, a criminally inclined uncle and a childhood friend who can smash through walls just by breathing heavily.

Issues 1,2,3,4,5
Simon Joseph
His world has currently been turned upside down in a foreign land and not necessarily because his one night stand has powers. When he's not taking continual retakes of his IT course, Simon is charming the customers at the local supermarket fishery.

Issues 1,2,3,4
Alfonzo is Micah's loyal three year old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog. While parks and walkies bore him, tornadoes and earthquakes make him happy as Larry.Or Alfonzo. His hobbies include barking, chasing squirrels and panting.

Issues 1,2,3,4,5
Teresa Harper
Extremely ambitious, Teresa loves all types of music and hopes to make music her career. The only thing she loves more than music is people. Teresa is often seen flitting between different social groups, much to the dismay of her closest friends.

Issues 4,5
Sally Duvessa
Otherwise known by her stage name "Babs Sinner", Sally is a born entertainer and mixes her burlesque shows with comedy and music. Before she was an entertainer, she was studying for her doctorate at Oxford University where she made her lifelong friend Micah's mother, Shirley.

Appearances so far:
Issue 4
Edmond Grimes
Edmond found a lot of solace in being a rebellious teen at school, away from a hectic and often abusive household. Now, a few years after he's finished, everything seems to be changing and he's trying to cope with living in the adult world.

Appearances so far:
Issue 2
Kevin Sampson
Dedicated family man and military expert, Kevin appears to be the perfect father. Being an orphan himself, he knows how important it is to raise a son well. Despite this, Kevin keeps a lot of secrets and they have a way of disrupting his life in quite devastating ways.

Issues 4,5
The MOMBcomics podcast did a special audio interview with the author and artist of Elemental Micah, Michael Georgiou. You can download and listen to it via this link
Interview Link

"We first meet Micah in issue one in a scene that sets character and story so perfectly that even now, a month or so after first reading, I still find myself smiling at the thought of."
Monkey on my Back Podcast Review
Issues 1, 2 ,3 and 4 by James Gillie

"The characters seem to hesitate between terror and elation, between crawling under their bed while hugging their teddy bears, to shouting from the rooftops 'I can make a tornado appear!'"
Issues 1, 2 and 3 review
"I must say I'm now even more intrigued about the world he's building with Elemental Micah."
Issue 4 review
The Gay Comics List - by Fran‎çois Peneaud

"Perhaps 'hero' wasn’t a fully appropriate term. It’s easy to see how somebody shy or lonely, somebody a little overweight and conscious of it, somebody gay, could see themselves in Micah’s shoes in a way that they couldn’t with Clark Kent or Jason Bourne."
Vol. 1 Just Exhale Review
A Place to Hang your Cape - by Joe Sport
"Elemental Micah blends the outlandish fantasy of superhero comics with the bittersweet existentialism of confessional autobiography to create a story that, so far, is one of the most enjoyable, touching and genuinely intriguing I've read for a long time."
Antidotes to DC Comics - by C.J. Lines Starburst Magazine

"(Usually) puberty is the catalyst for an otherwise normal appearing kid to develop mutant powers, but what if the catalyst is sex, or even the anticipation of sex with someone you desire? Georgiou answers that question, and it has both unforeseen consequences on personal and epic scales."
Gay League Review
Issues 1, 2 and 3 - by Joe Palmer


About Micah Sampson
Who is Elemental Micah?
When you lost your virginity, did you feel like a God? Micah did.

For a guy who is overweight, slobby, gay with very poor eyesight, a very broken nose and a name people never seem to get right, you wonder whether the Fates were on the ale when they were choosing him.

Or did the Fates choose him?

How did he gain these powers? Did he earn them mystically, inherit them from his family or was he in contact with a radioactive animal of sorts?

And what's the purpose of having these powers? There aren't any super villains around, so who does he really have to fight? Is there actually a need for a person with such luxuries if, as it is believed, he is the only one?

Until he finds out, he'll keep having his misadventures with Dana, Simon and his dog Alfonzo and hopefully he'll discover the meaning of his existence.
Urban Legends
While Micah, Dana, Simon and Alfonzo have their own stories to tell, there are certain mysteries and fables, urban legends if you will, floating about from varying sources, such as leaked military documents, revered clairvoyants and even the odd children's author.

Whether these stories are the invention of manipulative or delusional individuals is always up for debate, but it is important to document such events as even rumours and myths stem from some truth. If nothing else, they're most certainly an intriging read.

Dead End Friends
The Mighty Jambo
When two superheroes are thrown into various dimentional portals, they find themselves thrown into numerous universes. When Cheezar lands in a world filled with danger, a mysterious woman gives him a difficult choice.
Put Something in James' Mouth (Hurgh!)
Monkey on my Back Podcast
Ah James... One of the most popular features on the MOMBcast was where people would send some dialogue to the podcast promoting something to do with comics. Michael Georgiou didn't just send anything, he sent a very cheeky song...
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